Musiek Pret

Join us for our fun-filled fundraising event! This is a great way to have non-stop fun with family, friends, neighbours or even colleagues from the office. Book individual seats, or book a table for 10. 

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About Musiek Pret
If you remember the days of Noot Vir Noot with Johan Stemmet, then Musiek Pret is the game for you. 
Just like the TV show, the host, Jaco, asks a  diverse range of questions, sings parts of songs, and even runs a few musical notes from popular songs. As a player, you need to guess the song, title of the song or artist, based on the questions asked.

There are penalties and prizes available. Penalties are handed out for incorrect answers, bad guesses or as “revenge” from apposing tables that you might have penalized. Prizes are awarded throughout the game for fun tables, enthusiasm and, the odd dance-off.

At the end of the day, the table with the most points wins and gets a prize. There is also an auction that happens at the end of the show, and silent auctions that start at the beginning and end at the end of the show. 

Non-stop fun, laughs and great socialising event for all ages!

  • Cantare Musiek Pret
    Sat, 11 Jun
    Alberton Civic Centre
    Musiek Pret is a fun-filled musical game show for young and old where everyone gets to participate. Whether you are a music boffin or an average joe, the game will challenge you and we are certain that this will leave lasting fun memories and that you will enjoy it thoroughly!