A Creative Ensemble

Cantare Children's Choir is a talented choir from the greater Alberton area on Gauteng's East Rand.

The choir was founded in 1995 by Ida Strydom in conjunction with the former Southern Transvaal Education Department.  The Cantare choir has excelled as one of the best children’s choirs in South Africa and has given joy to thousands of listeners globally and  served as a means of expression to hundreds of choristers across the spectrum of young South Africans.  It has been a way of uniting the youth of the Southern Gauteng Region and Greater Ekurhuleni MM across cultural barriers, racial stereotypes and social divides.
The choir was privatised and funded itself through concerts, fundraising and membership fees. The choir organisation enriched the lives of many children who all set out to do what the Italian word Cantare means: To sing!
The Cantare Board carries the responsibility for administration, finances, fundraising, marketing, tours and concerts in conjunction with the artistic director.

Currently 70 choristers are part of our organisation. 75% of these choristers come from previous disadvantaged areas and participate in our development programme.

International tours include Germany, Singapore, China, Austria, the United Kingdom, Slovakia and, most recently, Spain.
The Cantare Choir has shared the stage with choirs like the Drakensberg Boys' Choir, Copenhagen Boy's Choir, Ratcliffe Choral Society, Harvard Ladies Choir, Swiss Girls’ Choir from Winterthur, Colorado CC, Miami CC, Cantate Chamber Choir, Colla Voce, East Rand Youth Choir, Ekurhuleni Youth Choir (Now the Manzi Youth Choir), the UP Youth Choir and various children's choirs that include Pretoria, Jacaranda, East Rand, West Rand, Ekurhuleni and Kimberley CC. 

The Cantare Choir has performed with acclaimed artists and groups like Andre Schwartz, Cutt Glas, Flip a Coin, Overtone, Navi Redd, Rina Hugo, Manuel Escorsio, Jannie du Toit, Nianell, Jak de Priester, Juanita du Plessis, Coenie de Villiers, Heinz Winkler, Anke and Jodan, Anaïs, Jannie Moolman, Coert Grobbelaar, Joshua na die Reën and Elvis Blue.

In its 25 years of existence the Cantare Choir has been recognised nationally and internationally for its contribution to the art of choral music, its outstanding sound quality, as well as the choristers' high level of discipline. 
By partaking in an acclaimed international choir, the young members develop outstanding social skills and self-esteem in a fun but disciplined environment. They build lifetime friendships and achieve academically.
Its outreach programme with 3 development choirs in Thokoza, Katlehong and Tembisa was initiated in 2004 with a sponsorship from the NLDTF.   In 2015 the Soweto Sweet Voices joined the Cantare family.
The choirs consist of children aged between 9 and 19 from various schools in the Southern Gauteng District and Greater Ekurhuleni. The choirs are selected from 49 different schools.


The junior choir, namely Dulcet Voices Choir, is situated in Alberton. Children from the ages 5 – 10 years are trained in musical skills using the Kodály teaching method. 


  • The choir’s mission is to provide musically talented singers, irrespective of their background equal opportunities to develop their musical talents to their fullest potential 

  • The Cantare Choir organisation is dedicated to identify and enrich singers from the Southern Gauteng region’s lives by teaching music and choral artistry in a joyful, caring, nurturing environment thus ensuring personal and social growth irrespective of their social- and economic circumstances  

  • To promote South African choral and heritage music worldwide so that  we are true ambassadors for our country and to unite languages and cultures through our music 

  • To promote the choir’s activities through participation in cultural-, corporate- and social events. 

  • To uplift the children from historically disadvantaged communities through different music experiences providing opportunities where they are taken from the townships to participate in workshops, concerts, national and international choir festivals to be worthy ambassadors of South Africa, broadening their horizons by building relationships and gaining experience.

  • To develop choristers’ talents through consistent quality training and education in choral music thereby giving them tools to become performing artists, future musicians and choral conductors.

  • Achieving excellence in choral singing by teaching choristers to strive to be the best in what they do. Children are introduced to and taught all genres of choral music and musical theatre.  

  • To teach children singing skills, music theory,  basic music knowledge and history and the playing of musical instruments used with choral singing (drumming and other percussions) 

  • To teach them traditional dances to enhance the traditional South African song and building bridges among the colourful diversity of our Rainbow Nation. 

  • To develop leadership skills, self-worth, teamwork, pride and appreciation of music among singers, parents, guardians and audiences.

  • To give the star of stars the opportunity to travel to Europe in 2020 to showcase the colourful traditional heritage of South Africa

  • It is our mission to make sure that this project continues as it makes a huge difference in the lives of the children in the communities we serve through grants, sponsorship requests, concerts and corporate functions to sustain and enhance the development of the Cantare choir and development choirs in the four  townships