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Thank you for your interest in joining the Cantare Children’s Choir. Audition dates are advertised but you may contact us directly at any time to set up an audition or complete our online audition form. 


Audition expectations/qualification criteria for different age groups are below:

Ages 5 to 9 years: Dulcet Development Group (073 232 0941)
Children are taught basic music and singing skills based on the Kodaly method and do not need to audition for this group

Ages 9 to 15 Years:  Cantare Children’s Choir (071 951 5779)

Students will be asked to sing ONE song of their choice, completely acapella (meaning no accompaniment). 

They will be given easy listening tests to determine their musicality.

Ages 15 to 24 Years: Harmonia Girls Choir (073 232 0941)

Girls between the ages of 15 and 24 years are all welcome to join.

Frequently Asked Questions

When / how do children practice their songs?​

  • When you become a member, you will receive a username and password to our Choir Members Section, where you can download practice tracks (mp3) as well as sheet music.  When we meet for weekly practice, students are expected to know the material.  Sheet music will also be available at rehearsals.

At what types of events do you perform?
Media events, business conventions, and benefit concerts for other non-profits, charity organisations, International and National 

Do you sing religious material?
We have children of various faiths and walks of life. We do sing inspirational Christian music during the year, at Christmas or Easter time and special occasions at services.

Administrator Contact Information:

Call/WhatsApp: 082 257 1407


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