"Our Sweet Voices"

Choir for Grade R – 4 children (6 – 10 years)

The mission of the Cantare Children’s Choir is to develop children’s voices and musicality.
“Dulcet” is a choir for children from Grade R – Grade 4, and has been established in January 2019 under the guidance of Ida Strydom.

Dulcet classes are based on the Kodály method, which is used worldwide and develops overall musical skills, singing technique, sight-reading, perception of tonality and harmony, spontaneity and much more.  These skills are invaluable in both singing and the playing of an instrument, for casual fun music-making as well as for serious classical musicians.


And above all, we teach them that music is fun so that they’ll always love and enjoy music-making! Children between the age of   5 and 10 years are invited to join us in a learning environment to gain a rounded performing arts education. We believe that every child can sing given the correct training, opportunity and encouragement.


We aim to teach and evaluate children and to refer them to the choir or individual music training where they can develop their talent the best.

Although being part of Dulcet, classes do not guarantee admittance to the Cantare Children’s Choir. This acclaimed choir accepts singers from the Dulcet programme who successfully pass an audition when going to Grade 4 or 5. 


Any child may join our classes whether they can sing on pitch or not because we strive to develop their ear and overall musical skills.

Children may attend a lesson free to experience the fun with no obligation afterwards!    Parents may sit in at this lesson.

TBC due to Covid Restrictions


TBC due to Covid Restrictions

Dulcet will perform at a number of concerts during the year, festivals and the CCC Gala Concert.