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Community Award Nominations

The Cantare Children's Choir Organization is excited to announce our upcoming Community Awards evening, on March 19, 2024, at the Alberton Civic Centre. 

The Awards are an opportunity to acknowledge and share our pride in the students, community organisations, and the greater community for their dedication to building meaningful relationships and embodying social change, and celebrating Community Engagement. 

Mandatory Requirements:   
The nominator must submit a: 

  • one-page BIO, 

  • camera-ready photo, and   

  • one-page typed, single-spaced written narrative. In this narrative, the following questions must be answered:

    • What significant change in their community has the nominee demonstrated? (please be specific)

    • What positive influences has the nominee had in bringing about change or healing for the betterment of the community?

    • Who in the community benefited from the positive influence and changes expressed or carried out by the nominee? 


The nominee must exemplify the qualities and attributes expressed in the specific category for which they are nominated. Each nominee must meet the criteria for the specific category.

Submit Entries to or click on the Nominations Button below.

Gold Tennis Trophy


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