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Cantare Children's Choir

Experience the Cantare Children's Choir


Choir Auditions Are Open

Children between the ages of 6 and 14 are invited to audition for the Dulcet or Cantare Groups.

The Dulcet kids, (ages 6 to 9 years), are taught to read music, the playing instruments, while their musical and singing talents are developed.

Girls between 14 and 24 are invited to audition for the Harmonia Girls’ Group.

How Do I Join?

Auditions will be held throughout the month of February 2023 on Monday afternoons. 

Time:  15:45 to 16:30 
Where? NG Church, Phantom Street, Raceview (Opposite Alberton High School)

Complete our online audition form and we will be in touch. You may also visit our choir rehearsal sessions between 16:30 on Mondays to see what we do.

The Cantare Children's Choir is an NGO registered organisation in the Southern Gauteng of South Africa that accommodates the Cantare Concert Choir, Harmonia Girls’ Group, Dulcet Sweet Voices and Development Choirs from Tembisa, Katlehong, Thokoza and a music project in Soweto.


As true ambassadors of South Africa promoting South African heritage music worldwide, we strive to be the best children’s choir as well as a leading organisation to foster the development of healthy balanced children. 


Cognitive development by the way of a variety of music experiences

The mission of the Cantare Children’s Choir is to foster, mentor and enhance the personal growth and general development of children’s mental, physical and emotional life as well as leadership skills by way of music and performing arts through talent identification and providing access to activities for developing musical talent, promoting and preserving heritage, social cohesion and nation-building


It takes a lot to keep the cantare Organisation doing what they do best. We know that without our community of amazing fans behind us, the choir wouldn't be where it is today. So how about showing your support? There are so many amazing ways to get involved; from sponsorships and donations to volunteering your time, gifts and talents.

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