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JUNE 2020

Italy 2020


Can you believe it! We have less that 9 months to go for the Cantare Italy Tour 2020. Having said that, we will be communicating to all the choristers and parents who will be going on tour more regularly from this point on. Administration packs are being put together, We we will begin collecting all relevant documentation soon. Could we please urge all those who require passports to begin the process of acquiring these as soon as possible and not leave this for the last minute, in the event that there are delays in the process.

We will communicate deadline dates on all document requirements in due course. Please assist us by ensuring that all documentation is submitted by the required dates. Looking forward to an awesome tour!


  • Booking Form

  • Completed Visa Form

  • Copy of Fathers ID (or Death Certificate)

  • Copy of Mothers ID (or Death Certificate)

  • Copy of Passport

  • Copy of Unabridged Birth Certificate

  • Indemnity Form from Choir

  • Letter from School / Employer

  • Medical Form

  • Name Tag

  • New Identity Form By Law

  • Passport which expires at least 6  months after the tour end date

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